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Post  grantus on Sun Dec 16, 2007 7:38 pm

TripleJack League Match Rules.

  • ALL TripleJack Rules apply to the match.

  • Under NO circumstances may someone play without having posted under the Matches thread.

  • You must post for each Match, posting for one does NOT qualify you for them all.

  • Be respectful of ALL players.

  • HAND REVEALING IS NOT PERMITTED DURING THE HAND as it can be used as a strategy. Hand revealing may be done at the end of the hand only.

  • ONLY official match hosts can host a match, any other games imitating ours do NOT count when it comes to points.

  • Match hosts MUST create the table approximately 5 minutes before the match is scheduled to begin.

  • The thread containing the up coming match WILL BE closed 10 minutes before the match is scheduled to begin.

  • If a player is running late the will only be allowedFIVE MINUTES MAX to make it onto the table, any longer than that and they will miss out on the Match.

  • If one single player consistently does not show up to a match, admin will consider banning them. so BEWARE.

  • Matches WILL NOT begin with less than 4 players.

ALL Rules MUST be enforced. If anyone thinks of another appropriate rule to add, please let me know and I will add it. Please don't add it yourself without my ok.


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