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Post  grantus on Mon Dec 17, 2007 5:08 am

Ok folks, it has now come to the time where the TripleJack League shall re-open. Hopefully with a bit more success this time..

The TripleJack League is a series of Tournaments, run for ALL players, awarding points to players that place (1st, 2nd, 3rd). At the end of each season's matches, the top ranked players of the League will be invited to play in the final with the chances of winning PP!

This is great fun for all players, and generally played by some highly skilled players. Think you've got game?


The way the TripleJack League will work, will basically be that I (or another League host) will post the time, and buy in (90% of the time 3k, the other 10% 10k) and give you a set amount of time (up to 10 minutes before the match is scheduled to begin) to post in here (just a simple "yes" or "count me in") to say that they will play.
All match times will be set to the "TripleJack time/clock" which you can locate underneath your Triplejack game window. (the clock is locacted just above the Prize Tournament window, where it says "Current Time: [date] [time] CST"

This is how the match will be set up.. For an example..
Season 1, Match 1: Dec 16, 4:00pm CST

Now.. Only players that have "joined" the match, by posted in this thread will be allowed to participate in the match. So please, if your are non PP or have not "joined" please don't even bother sitting down at the match table.

Each match shall be held in the Zen of Poker.
The match table will be created BY THE MATCH HOST approximately 5 minutes before it is scheduled to begin.

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